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From funnyr@clarinet.com (Funny Guy)
Organization ClariNet Communications Corp.
Date Fri, 17 May 1996 23:20:37 GMT
Newsgroups rec.humor.d

I inadvertantly created some confusion after getting bad information from several readers. I explained the situation in an administrivia appendage, but it ended up being appended to a long submission, so many people may not have read it. I felt it was appropriate to drop a note here.

A gentleman named Vince Sabio submitted an article to RHF titled "Stupid Criminal Hall of Shame," which detailed several "stupid criminal" stories. After it appeared, I had no less than twenty people tell me "this was stolen from 'News of the Weird'!" I had no easy way of verifying this, but the number of people telling me exactly the same thing indicated that an attribution was in order. So I attributed it. And Vince came back to me, upset, with evidence that the work was his. As far as I've been able to figure out, "News of the Weird" frequently features similar stories, and, in fact, one or two of the many stories in Vince's collection appeared (with different wordings) in NOTW. They were similar enough that many people sent mail to Vince and me.

To be clear, the creator of [the] "Stupid Criminals (sic) Hall of Shame" is Vince Sabio, moderator of the HumourNet mailing list ( [HumourNet@lyris.net]). Any similarity with that work and anything which appeared in NOTW is, to the best of my knowledge, coincidence, and *not* copyright infringement by NOTW's author or Vince. My apologies to Vince for having implied otherwise. The article appeared in RHF with Vince's permission.



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